• [TGWW]

    The Great White Whales were created to control the airspace on Mattherson, and to support any ground forces that need it. Ask us how we can help cover your outfit today!
  • Air Combat

    We specialize in taking the fight to the enemy air. We then support ground forces advancing into enemy territory.
  • Coordination

    Using Teamspeak 3, our pilots coordinate CAS strikes on unsuspecting targets, line up enemy ESFs for eachother, and still have time for banter! Come see what an organized group can do!
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LARXXX is a wanted man...

[TENC] has put a bounty on LARXXX's head, read about it HERE

This person has committed nefarious crimes against the New Conglomeration as a whole and our Brotherhood specifically. Templar Command will generously reward any Templar able to eliminate him.
"Eliminate or Destroy this person by any means possible 10 (TEN) times within the allotted timeframe. Your Kill/Death chart on multiple PS2 stat sites will be checked and tracked upon entry into this competition for proof of kill."