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    The Great White Whales were created to control the airspace on Mattherson, and to support any ground forces that need it. Ask us how we can help cover your outfit today!
  • Air Combat

    We specialize in taking the fight to the enemy air. We then support ground forces advancing into enemy territory.
  • Coordination

    Using Teamspeak 3, our pilots coordinate CAS strikes on unsuspecting targets, line up enemy ESFs for eachother, and still have time for banter! Come see what an organized group can do!
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Dominating Victory

Esamir - Hold all Amp Stations

Liberator Vehicle Update Ideas

Some ideas guys were sharing on TS today for the Liberator: (new stuff)
Nose Cannon Replacements:
A2A Chain Gun: Like CAS30 but 500m/s velocity, slightly tighter CoF, same damage/dropoff as CAS30.
A2G Chain Gun: Similar to the TR Banshee for killing infantry
A2G Smoke Rockets: Used to mark targets or to use as a smoke screen
A2G Armor Piercing Rockets: Like PPA maybe?
A2G TV Guided Missiles (Like the Phoenix)
Belly Cannon Replacements:
Armor Piercing bombs
Infantry Bombs (Daisy Cutter types)
Repair Gun: Could repair things from the air (Turrets, armor, aircraft, etc)
Crew Compartment: Carry Extra Crew with Ejection Seat Benefits (Maybe 2-4 people?)
Side Mounted Dalton (Left side): Similar to the AC-130 Spectre Gunship. Higher Velocity round, higher damage, LONG reload.
Shredder Ammo Choices: Flak, Armor Piercing, etc
Tail Gun Replacements:
Flak Cannon Tail Gun (Ranger?)
Laser Designator (Replacing Tail Gun): So he would target something for the belly gunner. Something maybe like a Paveway and you could balance it with how lethal it is. Make it so you cannot fire it without the tail gunner targeting it.
Radar Jammer: Opposite of the regular Radar abilities
Liberator Specific Voice Commands:
“I see armor”
“I see aircraft”
“Look down”
“I don’t have a shot”
“Roll Left”
“Roll Right”
“Pitch Up”
“Pitch Down”
“Enemy on our tail”
“Enemy AA in the region”
“Enemy Lock-Ons in the region”
“BAIL OUT THEY’RE USING STRIKERS!!!” (That’s funny I don’t care who you are =P)
HUD Changes:
Turret Direction Indicator: – Like tanks have (Pilot’s Seat)
Gunner Ammo Count: From the Pilot’s Seat
Missile Lock Indicator and Direction: Mini radar
Lock On Indicator while in 3rd person: Light or Words
Flares as Ammo: Flares as a timer is rough, flares as ammo would allow me to fire off 1 or many to attempt to fool a lock-on missile. Lock-Ons then could have a percentage chance of hitting.
Camera View: So pilots can see what the belly gunner is looking at, replacing the mini map or a toggle
Shared EXP with tail gunner
No Zepher/Dalton Dead Zone
More Hitpoints: 20%ish
Decrease Dalton/Zepher Ammo Count: It’s just too much, spammy libs piss people off.

A2A Missiles Skills!

I think I need some lessons.

- Dreadnaut

CAS30 Projectile Velocity

Why are the CAS30 rounds so slow (300m/s)? My thought is that the Liberator is already a truck and hard to maneuver even with High G III (Or those Shredder weirdos running Bomber III =P), why is bullet velocity also handicapped on the CAS30? I think the bullet spread is fine as it is so you still have to be close to hit things to do any real damage.

The problem us Liberator pilots have is that we literally have to lead aircraft off of the screen where I can’t even see them to try and hit them with the CAS30. The forward visibility has a lot of the cockpit in the way on the bottom which makes leading targets very difficult. It currently has ½ the velocity of the ESF nose cannons. Half is pretty significant to us ;) If you try to hit aircraft with it, they better not be turning, vertical thrusting, or doing anything where you have to lead them a bunch, or you’re just not going to hit them. It is easily the single hardest weapon in the game to use in the air (On par with the Scythe PPA), and used on a very slow moving airframe.

Just for grins I looked up some bullet velocities:
20mm cannon like the ESF nose gun is 1,035 m/s
30mm cannon like the Lib nose gun is 990 m/s

That’s roughly a 5% difference in bullet speed. I know it’s usually not a good idea to compare real world stuff to a video game due to factors like playability, fun factor, things being OP, etc. Just curious about the CAS30 as it’s my primary weapon in the game.

What would happen if the CAS30 shot at 450 or 500m/s? Would that cause an imbalance of some sort? I’ve been trying to think what changing velocity would do, and how it could negatively affect the game or cause an imbalance, but I haven’t been able to see a downside to it other than ESF pilots complaining they got shot down by a Liberator. Well in an ESF if you’re on the front quarter of a Liberator, you should expect that gun to fire, but there’s a lot of airspace up there and you can outrun a Liberator ANY time you want. If an ESF wants to fight a Liberator, you have to fight him. If a Liberator wants to fight an ESF, the ESF holds all the cards, as he can come and go as he pleases.

Increasing CAS30 velocity would not affect the Liberator in its Air to Ground (A2G) role at all, as the Cone Of Fire and damage drop-off at 50m takes care of that. I couldn't think of a single instance where a higher velocity CAS30 would change anything in regards to A2G battles including shooting infantry.

CAS30 attributes:
  • Slow Bullet Velocity (300m/s)
  • High Cone of Fire (As it should be)
  • Damage Dropoff at 50m (100m was far better)
  • High Damage Round
  • Can’t Rotate the nose gun (As it should be)
  • Low Forward Visibility (Not much you can do here)
(It would be OP if the CAS30 could rotate like it used too. I don’t know WHY people keep asking for that, MAYBE on the Vektor it would be ok…)

As an example, check out the amount of lead I have to put on this guy at short range at very low speed: Liberator CAS30

The first CAS30 clip you can see doesn’t do much damage, 2nd clip you see I don’t start doing damage til lthe end of the clip and the finishing blow he’s completely off of my screen. Using that CAS30 in the air is REALLY tough, and I honestly feel like increasing the velocity wouldn’t have a ton of negative effects on the game and would help Liberator pilots not feel held back by their weapon.

Billet: Liberator Pilot / Engineer
Outfit: The Great White Whales
Server: Mattherson

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