• [TGWW]

    The Great White Whales were created to control the airspace on Mattherson, and to support any ground forces that need it. Ask us how we can help cover your outfit today!
  • Air Combat

    We specialize in taking the fight to the enemy air. We then support ground forces advancing into enemy territory.
  • Coordination

    Using Teamspeak 3, our pilots coordinate CAS strikes on unsuspecting targets, line up enemy ESFs for eachother, and still have time for banter! Come see what an organized group can do!
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Well, we gotta trust him right? He's CLEARLY the best pilot on Mattherson...


(lol what a f*cking tool)

Pilot Compare

We've created a script using the SOE PS2 API that allows you to compare yourself to some of the best pilots and gunners in Planetside 2.

Check it out HERE!


The Reaver is 'Under Powered'

This is what I look like when I hear people say the Reaver is under powered...

If you think the Reaver is bad, you SUCK at flying.

The End.


Pilot Helmets

New pilot helmets are in the game, check them out!!


It must be true...

Iamlexx said it, so it must be true...